Two of the MARS S&O shipyards, Gdynia-based Nauta and MSR Gryfia from Szczecin, have considerable know-how and experience in construction of vessels for navy and coast guard and in rendering a variety of services for Polish and other navies. The companies are one of the key maritime defence entities in Poland.

MARS S&O shipyards cater for the requirements of demanding customers by offering unparalleled flexibility, expertise and technical solutions necessary to manage all types of refits, upgrades, conversions and life extensions of navy vessels. They also have a proven track record in construction of certain types of vessels for military purposes.

The first vessel built and delivered by Nauta to the Polish Navy was ORP Mewa minesweeper, which took place back in 1935. After the World War II Nauta specialized in production of auxiliary naval vessels such as tugs. Many of these vessels were built for the Polish Navy.

Apart from the co-operation with Polish Navy for many years Nauta conducted repairs and conversions of the auxiliary and landing ships of the Soviet and Russian Navy. Works were performed on board such vessels as: hydrographical vessels, research vessels, electric power station, intelligence ships, floating workshop, training ship, landing ships, degaussing vessel and others.

Among the MSR Gryfia’s newbuildings there is a series of eight modern vessels built for Norwegian Coast Guard designed as general purpose vessels for the protection of coastal waters, within 24 nautical miles of the coastline. Ships were specifically designed to undertake rescue operations as well as environmental protection work.

The modernization program of the Polish Navy assumes substantial investments within the years to come. Apart from the repair works on board the existing vessels the new vessels including submarines and mine hunters are to be introduced.

Having the above in mind, Nauta and MSR Gryfia Shiprepair Yards are in the process of creating a strong production center capable of satisfying the needs of Polish Navy, with adequate production potential and strong financial standing.


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