Polish companies operating within the MARS Shipyards & Offshore group have been competing in the international offshore market for only several years but have nonetheless managed to establish a solid reputation, carrying out contracts for the biggest and most demanding clients – leading offshore and subsea companies. They have gone through successful auditing and possess all the necessary certification, confirming the high quality of their work, such as the qualified supplier status for Aker Solutions or FMC Technologies. The FMC Technologies weldment certificate offers the chance to cooperate with every single branch of the global concern. Some years ago, our shipyards could only perform simple pipeline construction. Now, they are able to carry out highly complex work, delivered directly to offshore mining rigs, such as fully equipped modules and platform sections.

Among some of our most recent projects there are conversion od Petrobaltic oil rig (from a drilling rig into a production unit) and class renewal survey / general repair of a Lotos drilling rig.

The MARS S&O companies have produced, among others:

  • steel constructions enabling the installation of devices;
  • equipment for underwater oil, gas and waste segregation;
  • towers for laying out elastic pipelines along the seabed to;
  • equipment installed aboard the PLSV vessels;
  • fully equipped main platform decks.

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