Repairs & Conversions

Even with the rapidly growing offshore services market, vessel renovations, repurposing and modernization are still the fundamental activities of the MARS S&O group shipyards. Owing to their vast experience and well deserved acclaim, they continue to carry out maintenance and renovation work for customers satisfied with the high quality of their services. The shipyards carry out comprehensive class and post-damage renovations on various merchant vessels (container ships, dry and liquid bulk carriers, reefer ships), trawlers and offshore vessels. They offer complex welding, electrical, maintenance, fitting and hull services. They repair engines and power generators, exchange pipelines in engine rooms, storage tanks and on deck, as well as onboard equipment, radio and navigational devices.

The wide array of available renovation works is made possible by the experienced crew and the suitable equipment they use. The dry docks are able to house and renovate vessels of up to 379 m in length and 70 m in width or easily allow double docking.


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