Winter time in Nauta Shipyard

December 18th, 2017

All docks and quays in Nauta Shiprepair Yard are full. At the shipyard’s premises, you can see the most modern ships, such as Vole Au Vent, as well as more traditional vessels – like sailing ship Dar Młodziezy (Gift of Youth). 

The chemical tanker MT Style belonging to the Turkish shipowner Zenith Gemi Isletmeciligi has been repaired in floating dock no 4. The scope of work during class repair included a review of the main engine and auxiliary engines, piping, locksmith and machine works, inspection of equipment and boiler, as well as maintenance and painting works. The unit is nearly 185 m long and over 27 m wide.

The shipyard is also continuing works onboard wind turbine installation vessel – Vole Au Vent belonging to the Jan De Nul. According to the contract, Nauta Shipyard will perform a number of works on the ship, which will increase the working surface of the deck and prepare the vessel for the implementation of the new contract.

Another vessel that is undergoing renovation in Nauta is Vesper – the barge used for cement reloading. Steel, machine, maintenance and painting works are performed on the unit, as well as inspection of loading devices and replacement of aggregates. Another vessel is also used to carry cement, which is currently in the Nauta Shipyard - Sunnavik. The unit came to Gdynia for a standard inter-cruising review.

In one of the floating docks, are conducted works related to the class renovation on the sail training ship - Dar Młodzieży. Frigate entered yard for repair associated with the renewal of the class. During the shipyard's stay on the unit, inspections of rigging, equipment, and onboard equipment will be made. An important element of the renovation will be the replacement of biodegradable oils with the adaptation of seals to them. Dar Młodzieży is 109 m long and 14 m wide. The frigate replaced the beautiful ship Dar Pomorza, which was withdrawn from service in 1982 and is now a museum ship. Dar Młodzieży became famous as the first ocean-going tall ship built in Poland, which crossed the equator and circumnavigated the world. The frigate’s sails have an area of 3 015 sqm. 

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